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Alexa Web Test Emulator only supports APL v 1.0

I'm trying to build a skill that uses APL. I've created some template using the online editor and I see that the actual version of APL used for the template is 1.1

If I test my skill with those templates with the Alexa Test Web Emulator I get errors.

While I was looking at the emulator request I saw that it only support (as far as I can see) APL v1.0

"device": {
    "supportedInterfaces": {
        "Alexa.Presentation.APL": {
            "runtime": {
                "maxVersion": "1.0"

What should I do? How can I test my own skill's APL if I cannot test it with the emulator and I do not own any physical device? When will the emulator be updated to support the new APL v1.1 template?

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