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Cordova amazon IAP issue with 4k fireTv and fireTV stick

We are using Cordova amazon IAP V2 plugin for fireTV which is working normally on fireTV but when we run our app on fireTV 4K then app is stacked and loading screen is shown. We found that amazon Cordova IAP plugin does not execute success - onGetUserDataStarted nor error - onGetUserDataFailed callbacks on:


we are calling the Amazon Cordova IAP getUserData like this:

InAppPurchase.getUserData(onGetUserDataStarted, onGetUserDataFailed, []);

P.S: This problem only persists on fireTV 4k, we did lot of debugging but no luck to find what is causing the issue. Problem might be in the amazon Cordova IAP plugin itself. Feedback and help on this issue will be much appreciated.

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