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Kindle Fire HDX DownloadManager class not usable

Our app uses the Android DownloadManager class to download zip files from our CDN served via Google Storage via https url. This works flawlessly on all other Android devices, and used to work on all versions of Kindle. However, since the latest update for the Kindle Fire HDX (3rd gen) to Fire OS v4.5.5.3 (latest as per amazon's official update listings) our users have no longer been able to start any downloads. It fails silently with the following subtext in the downloadmanager bar: "Can't connect to server - This download will be automatically retried." (see attached image)

In addition to not working when the endpoint and URL are fully functional, encrypted and permitted, the downlodmanager doesn't register this as a download error, which would send a message to our app to surface the error to the user. This further complicates the user experience as they are not shown what is wrong and it just looks like the download is very very slow in-app.

Has anyone repaired the DownloadManager enqueue downloads for the Kindle Fire HDX or other devices that showed this behaviour?

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