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Problem in indetify the phone number

I've 2 intents one named "name" and the second one named "phone".

And it can identify accurately during evaluation test. But during testing in Alexa simulator, it gives me totally different answer. It identifies the number as None value and person intent!

I am using Flask-Ask.

def launch():
    speech_text = 'Welcome to the Alexa Leave Management, You can start with hi or hello'
    return question(speech_text)
    # return question(speech_text).reprompt(speech_text).simple_card('HelloWorldIntent', speech_text)

def hello_world():
    speech_text = 'Can you please tell me your Name?'
    return question(speech_text)
def number():
    speech_text = "okay"
    # print(number)
    return question(speech_text)
@ask.intent('name',mapping={'person': 'name'})
def name(name):
    print(session.attributes )

    speech_text= "Thank you  {}, tell me your number".format(name)
    return question(speech_text)

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