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Is there a way to have a video NOT require the wake work to respond to another intent?

I have been able to write a skill that plays a video successfully. However, after the initial intent video completes, in order to get another video to play, I am required to invoke the wake work, and then say another intent in order to get a subsequent video to play. Is there a way to get the session to continue actively listening after the video completes? Here's a sample of one of my intents:

const MytestIntentHandler = {

canHandle(handlerInput) {

return handlerInput.requestEnvelope.request.type === 'IntentRequest'

&& === 'MytestIntent';


handle(handlerInput) {

if (supportsDisplay(handlerInput)) {

let backgroundImage = new Alexa.ImageHelper()




let primaryText = new Alexa.RichTextContentHelper()



let myTemplate = {

type: 'BodyTemplate1',

token: 'Welcome',

backButton: 'HIDDEN',

backgroundImage: backgroundImage,

title: TITLE,

textContent: primaryText,






} else {


.withSimpleCard(TITLE, "This skill requires a device with the ability to play videos.")

.speak("The video cannot be played on your device. To watch this video, try launching this skill from an echo show device.");


return handlerInput.responseBuilder





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