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Hi, we have an application for the Fire TV that is used for digital signage. One of the features that we would like to support is if the TV is turned off through HDMI-CEC control that our application would reboot (instead of returning to the Amazon Fire TV home screen).

For example:

1. User powers off TV with AFTV remote.

2. User powers device on with AFTV remote.

3. TV is at AFTV home screen with our app in background

In a perfect world we would be able to

1. User powers off TV with AFTV remote

2. User powers device on with AFTV remote

3. TV resumes our application

I realize there may be reasons that Amazon would prefer the user return to the home screen, and that this is a limited use-case. But I was wondering if there was some sort of event we could listen for in order to restart our application.

Our current recommendation to our customers is to simply disable the HDMI-CEC feature, which will still allow them to power the TV on/off with IR, but it will not trigger a "home screen" press.

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