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Detect active application on Fire TV


is there any way to reliably/consistently detect the active application on Fire TV via a remote application running in the same local network?

DIAL works in some cases (e.g. YouTube app) but only for apps that choose to publish themselves in the device's DIAL registry.

Going over ADB also works but requires that someone activates ADB on the device side.

I wonder if Fling SDK would work in all cases if I was to implement a test app on Android. Would it discover Fire TV devices over SSDP and then report what app is currently active (on foreground) on them?

Many thanks!

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Levon@Amazon answered

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, Amazon Fling SDK is not intended for your use case. Using the SDK, you can only discover the player application (default or custom). Thanks!

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The Fling client application can discover a Fire TV player application that integrates with the Amazon Fling SDK. Please refer to for details how the "id" string used in the discovery routine is defined. Thanks!

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Yeah, makes sense and this is why all fling samples I saw come with two apps - one is the discovery app running on the android device and the other is the fling player app that runs on Fire OS on the Fire TV device. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for the answer. Aren't all/most Fire TV applications essentially player applications and shouldn't therefore be discoverable by Fling as long as the correct player app id string is supplied to the Fling discovery routine?

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