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Can you set seasonal schedules with Alexa Routines?

I would like to set-up a routine which would only be used during the months of shorter days (Autumn/Winter).

Using Hue lights I have a routine which turns the lights on 30 minutes before sunset this is great because sunset is always at the same time and it is getting dark.

I would like to have something similar for the morning however this is a little more complicated. Sunrise changes but the time I get up does not. Example: -

If I get up for work @ 06:30am each workday being based in the UK sunrise hours can be as early as 04:30 am in the Summer, I don't want my lights coming on at 4am. Actually, I don't want them coming on at all in the summer it's bright enough.

It comes to winter and the sun may not rise until as late as 8am which means I need to play around with the timing of before sunset to get them to come on at 06:00 gradually ready for 06:30.

The only way around this I see and I also think it would be a good feature which is to timebox routines into months of use (seasons).

I could even then set routines for Halloween, Christmas or even Birthdays once without having to remember to do them again. (Imagine if Alexa work you up or your partner or kids by saying Happy Birthday each year and playing a little jingle)

Am I missing something and this is already available or do you get what you see which is only the ability to run on days of a week.

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