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Disable uPnP on Firestick 4k

For quite some time, I've been unable to stream Prime Video on my Firestick (and a number of other devices). I believe this is actually a problem with my Verizon FIOS service since Prime Video streams fine using this Firestick on 2 other networks. But this is a separate issue.

While debugging this, I noticed that the Firestick makes frequent uPnP requests to two devices on my network: one is a router that is on a separate network with a different IP range that the Firestick must have seen once upon a time when I briefly had it connected to that network. The other is my set top box. The problem is that neither of those devices respond to uPnP requests and so each one of those connections hangs for a while until it times out.

Is there any way to stop the Firestick from making those requests or to make it "forget" about those 2 devices? Although I doubt that the hanging uPnP requests have anything to do with my Prime Video issues, I'm trying to reduce all possible culprits.


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