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The Audio URL is invalid for requestId

Hi, I've had a problem lately with my alexa code.
When I try to play it the soundids are not shown

All urls works perfctly

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All seems good, but make sure, that your files are in the correct format. How to do format your files, can be found here: link.

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all are in the correct format

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Ahm, then can you post the response, that causes your issue? How does ssml look?

I just tested your audio file 'dog' in the console and it works fine.

    <audio src=""/>

Maybe you are adding too many audio tags in the response? Or audio is too long? From docs:

A single response sent by your service can include multiple audio tags according to the following limits:

  • No more than five audio files can be used in a single response.
  • The combined total time for all audio files in a single response cannot be more than 240 seconds.
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