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7/31/19: Announcement: Multi-Product Creation Tool Moving Out of Beta on 9/3/19

Thank you for your feedback on the multi-product creation tool while we continue to make improvements based on your input. On September 3rd, this tool is moving out of beta and we will no longer offer the single product creation option. On this day, we will begin migrating products created through the single product creation tool to the new multi-product creation format. When these products are edited, they will be republished using the new multi-product format. Please read the FAQ for more information.

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Can you please provide more information on what happens to the old single product listing when it becomes republished in the multi tool? Will the listing lose its existing Keyword Ranking and BSR?

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So I was going to try the Multi-Product tool, and just do a standard t-shirt in the US and the UK. But, I couldn't cause I'm still in 10 tier, and it only allows me 1 submission a day. I'm sure I'll be out of 10 shortly, but, does this mean 10's can only use the multi-product tool to create only 1 product, or will that limit be changing when the tool comes out of beta?

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I am hoping we will still be able to save in draft when the multi product creation tool hits the streets- I see no info on that. Do you have any info Elizabeth?

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Elizabeth, I'd like to know what is going to happen to our existing drafts once we don't have access to the single uploader. Also will draft functionality be turned on in the multi uploader? Can you find out please?

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@Elizabeth There's a warning in the "Manage" page that reads "Currently, we are only able to show the first 10,000 products. You can filter the products to narrow the results." This means that only the first 667 pages of results are displayed, Is there a way to see older listings? I tried to change the pageNumber in the URL, but it didn't work.

Now that the Multi-Product Creation Tool has been enabled for older listings, I'd like to go back and enable other product types, rewrite description and check for new trademarks. Unfortunately, I can't do all that easily, because of the 10.000 listing limit.

Please allow us to reach our own listings from the manage page!

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