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Let us pick books by page number

I am an avid kindle ebook reader. I am especially fond of shorter books that are between 100-200 pages. With my ADHD, it was really hard for me to keep my attention on a book. Since I read a lot of non-fiction, if the subject matter is the same, I would much rather read a shorter book.

The current system of categories does not have anything that categorizes the books by the number of pages. Nor is there a 'sort by the number of pages'. I have to check every book on the topic to see if the book is my desired length. Sometimes I get lucky and find the book that answers my need at the perfect length. Other times, I am not so lucky. I'd also miss some of the better books at that specification because I couldn't check them all.

The great thing about 'page count' is that (I believe) 'a page' in any kindle book is standardized. 1page = same number of words for every book. We know the true exact length of each book IF we can check them easily.

Why don't we show 'page count' in search-result/list of books? We already have 'page count' as part of the 'detailed info' for individual books. It wouldn't be that difficult to add it to the listing if there's a will.

I am sure I am not alone on this. There's an entire set of books (abridged or condensed) that are specifically condensed from a longer version that caters to that particular kind of audience. And I am sure that other ADHDers and those who don't have time/patience to read a lot of pages would love it as well. And there's a lot of us.

Please think about it seriously. Please let me know if you need more convincing. I can dig out more facts and arguments to make a stronger case.



TLDR: Please let the kindle readers choose books by the number of pages either by introducing a new category (by page count) or sort by page counts or, at least, please display 'page count' in the book listing page like this :

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