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I made an Alexa Audio Directive skill last week and it passed all the functional and validation tests on my side, but after submitting it for review it was rejected. Alexa Dev Console said refer to email for fixes but the only thing the email said was, "We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each skill, including the customer experience offered on the device through the skill. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling selection of skills to Amazon customers, not all skills will be made available on Amazon Alexa. "

Has anyone else had this experience with releasing a skill? I already opened a case but I still haven't gotten any response as to what exactly the issue was.

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What's your skill about? Maybe it is a copy of another skill or something? I am not from amazon so I cannot do anything about it, but to make things faster, when someone from amazon gets to you I suggest to share your skill id here, so they could take a look.

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