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LWA for Android -- 400 Bad Request Unknown client_id

I am working on an Android app that requires a login to Amazon. I used to be able to login and logout just fine, but I played with some settings in different security profiles, and now I am having this 400 Bad Request error.

What I have done:

  • Create a security profile using the proper MD5 and SHA256 hashes
  • Added the API key to my Android project under the assets folder as "api_key.txt"
  • Used the same core code that the example project uses
  • Verified the API key properly queries Amazon (when I change a character in the key, it crashes the app with an invalid API key error)
  • Searched the forums for the same error, but nobody seems to be having the same error with an Android phone

My problem:

Below you can find the picture of the exact error. When I click the Login button, it brings me to the browser/Amazon app and displays that error.

I would not expect an "unknown Client_ID" error to occur because I am not managing any of that on my end. The SDK combined with the API key generated should be handling that. I do not have to manage the client ID anywhere.

Does anybody know what might be the cause of this?

login with amazonandroid
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