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Fling causing crash on iOS on application close

I am looking into the cause of a majority of my application crashes in iOS and have determined they are being caused by the Amazon Fling SDK. I have been able to reliably reproduce the issue using the "FlingSample" app included in the latest (1.3.5) version of the SDK. The crash happens whether my users have an Amazon Fling device or not. Crashes are happening on all types of ios devices, both on physical devices, and on the simulator.

The steps to reproduce in the iOS simulator are:

  1. Open FlingSample app included in the SDK
  2. Open the task manager by swiping up on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Quickly swipe up on the FlingSample app to close it
  4. Crash will occur

Here is a stack trace of the crash for one of my users as recorded by crashlytics:

amazon flingios
10 |5000

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