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There was a problem with the requested skill response" - Upgrading the node.js runtime to 8.10

I hope you can help me with my issue.
I have been using Alexa youtube skill since March 2018 without any problems. About two months ago I received email from AWS with information about node.js runtime 6.10 is coming to the end of live (see below). But I carried on using it for a while.
First issue with Alexa not pulling music from youtube was about two weeks ago as we were on holiday for few weeks so not really sure when the issue started really. As soon I realised a problem I got my attention to this email from AWS about node 6.10.
After visiting my AWS account I tried changing lambda runtime from 6.10 to 8.10 and then saved the function. Tried to test Alexa skill and most of the time it will fail and play message "There was a problem with the requested skill response". I had few successful skill responses on occasion on odd songs but it doesnt happen very ofter. Not really sure what Im doing wrong here. Do I need to do anything apart from changing runtime from 6.10 to 8.10 ? Is there any alteration required to the code ?
Please let me know what I`m doing wrong. Do I need to republish this function after saving it with new runtime ?
Today I tried changing runtime back to 6.10 and skill had exactly the same response , most of the time it would failed however it happened twice this morning when it would actually play music - see attached pictures.


Your AWS Account currently has one or more Lambda functions using the node.js 6.10 runtime. The Node Foundation has previously published that node.js 6.x "Boron" will be declared End-of-Life (EOL) on > April 2019 [1], and will stop receiving bug fixes, security updates, or performance improvements. Per the AWS Lambda runtime support policy [2], language runtimes that have reached their EOL are deprecated in AWS Lambda.

Invokes for functions configured to run on node.js 6.10 will continue to work normally, however the ability to create new Lambda functions configured to use the node.js 6.10 runtime will be disabled on April 30 2019. Code updates to existing functions using node.js 6.10 will be disabled 30 days later on May 30 2019

We encourage you to update your node.js 6.10 functions to a newer version of the Node runtime (node.js 8.10) so that you continue to benefit from important security, performance, and functionality enhancements offered by more recent releases. The newer node.js 8.10 version has improved ECMAScript support, along with other language and API improvements. The AWS Lambda programming model [3] for node.js 8.10 maintains backwards compatibility with previous versions to simplify portability. We recommend that you test your Lambda function to validate its behavior on the newer version of Node.js.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact AWS Support [4].

[1] Node Foundation’s announcement of EOL:
[2] AWS Lambda runtime support policy:
[3] Using the AWS Lambda node.js 8.10 runtime:
[4] AWS Support:

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Based on this thread:

it sounds like the format of the stream might be to be blame. I am not a YouTube expert and I don't know anything about their stream formats but I imagine that is a pretty easily researched topic.

I am curious about your skill in general. Is there a public repo for it that I could access?

PS I did that Node EOL migration the first time I received that mail. I received the mail 5 more times and it turned into a whole thing. It makes me laugh now.

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