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FireTV bug with search in app for live tv apps

TV apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc appear to send a feed to Amazon with all the shows that are available on their systems.

So when I say "Play Birdbox"... Alexa looks up on her reference list and sees "Ok I found birdbox on Netflix" and opens it directly.

When I say "Play Handmaids Tale" it knows it is on Hulu and opens it directly.

So that works fine. However, with Live TV apps now, we have the potential for the same show to be on 2 different apps but it seems that the apps don't always give details about all the shows they support.

For example, I can say "Find Grey's Anatomy on Hulu" and it will actually open hulu and pre-populate the hulu search form with Grey's anatomy, rather than showing the default FireTV results, which is great.

But if I say "Find Stuck in the Middle on Hulu"... it will say "OK, getting Stuck in the middle from Playstation Vue". But that isn't what I said. Alexa is trying to be too smart by checking her reference list for shows. It knows "Stuck in the middle" is on Playstation Vue, but doesn't know about the show being on Hulu, so it won't even try to pass the request to the search field inside the app and instead shows what it knows. But I know that Stuck in the middle is also on Hulu.

That is a huge bug because in the manual FireTV says it supports searching within Apps that support search.. and it's clear Hulu does. It is severely crippling using FireTV as a replacement for cable boxes. When I say "Find a show within an App".. it should defer to the human's request.. even if Alexa doesn't know about that show on that app, it should still pass the search into the app's search field. So it should still attempt to pre-populate the Hulu search field with "Stuck in the middle"... and defer to Hulu to show the results.

Please fix this asap and you will literally be the best option for cord cutting.

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