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Showing Deepquery always = true even with proactive Report = true

Hi there,

Al the properties for our smart home device are set to retrievable = true and proactivelyReported = true.
When use the proactive report test tool using the the developer portal, we always see DeppQuery = true for all the properties. Looking at our logs, we do send proactive reports and we always get a 202 back, so we can't understand why the tool always says deepQuery = true.

When we set retrievable = false, then all the properties still get updated with the latest time stamp but with deepQuery = false.

It's as if, when we set retrievable = true, even though we send proactive reports, Alexa still retrievs the values instad of using the cached ones.

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If you believe you have properly implemented proactive state updates (ChangeReport events), but the tool shows DeepQuery: True, check the following:

  • If you are working with a newly discovered device, Alexa's state cache might be empty. Try refreshing the Alexa app in your browser. If your device's properties are not sent in the response to a ReportStatedirective (if "retrievable": false), you need to send a ChangeReport to populate the cache.
  • Make sure you indicate "proactivelyReported": true for all of your device's properties, and that you report all property values. This includes the connectivity property of the EndpointHealth interface.
  • Make sure you only report the values of properties that are defined and reportable for your device. For example, if your device implements the BrightnessController interface, do not report brightnessDelta as proactivelyReported because this is not a reportable property.
  • For thermostat devices, you might need to toggle between HEAT/COOL and AUTO modes to make sure that Alexa has cached data for all the supported set points that were reported during device discovery.
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