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My Own "ask cli template" with CodeCommit?

I want to create my own ASK CLI Template with CodeCommit.

So i copied the Hello World Template from

changed it and pushed it to my codecommit repository.

The Problem is:
My Codecommit URL doesn't end with: .GIT
But the ASK Cli throws an error when i try the following:

ask new --url

The ASK Cli says: [Error]: Invalid url. Provide provide a valid git/json url.

if i would try:
ask new --url

Then the ASK CLI doesn't bring the error at this point, but the clone to this url failed afterwords. (because the correct url doesn't end with .GIT)

Question: Is there any trick to use CodeCommit together with ASK CLI?

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i found the problem. it seems to be a bug in the file


There is a Function isUrlWithGitExtension which only checks the extension of the url.

But in CodeCommit the URLs are without .GIT Ending.... hopefully this will be fixed by aws soon.

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