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Why does my pre-encoded HLS stream play back as "LIVE"?

I have several HLS streams/m3u8 that has 7 sub streams from 270p to 1080p, that I created using AWS Elemental MediaConvert. The stream(s) play fine in all web browsers that support html5, mobile phones and on my Roku channel. With all of those I can pause/FF/RW/etc. Using my MRSS feed and the Amazon Creator, with my 4k Fire Stick I can only play (no pause, ff, rw) and if I stop it and start it back up, it starts from the beginning. Also, there is a tag in the lower left hand corner that shows "LIVE". Is there a way I can specify in the feed that it is not live? or maybe in the stream files?

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So, I verified that my m3u8 files have both EXT-X-ENDLIST and have the #EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE:VOD tag (in what I call the sub streams). The master files do not have these tags, but from what I can tell they shouldn't. Still not sure why through my Amazon Creator channel they all show up as "live" streams and I can't pause/ff/rw, etc.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Did you ever figure out this problem? We are experiencing the same issue, where it will start from the beginning of the stream instead of starting at live, and there is no way to jump forward to live, just to start the stream back over from the beginning.

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