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Is it possible to execute http get requests from an Alexa hosted skill endpoint lambda?

I have tried to use the methods set demonstrated in the tutorial, but the lambda files on the get request. I contacted Lambda support but they couldn't tell, and suggested that the lambda didn't have permissions to make get requests. Which means I guess I have to create my own AWS lambda and not use the Alexa hosted lambda in order to retrieve information outside of AWS. (Drag).

I'm hoping this might be a problem I have a setting somewhere, but I don't see any guidance on this in the docs. I keep getting the error Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND whenever it tries to execute the http request, and I don't think is the settings or URL all work fine in a browser. Its a pretty simple http get request on port 80

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As I understood you are trying to access data from external api in your lambda? Have you read this blogpost? Can you share some of your code?

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