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Public Alexa Flash Briefing with ASK SDK

Hi Guys ! I'm New in Alexa Skill Development, sorry for the noob question, but I did not found in Anywhere about that.

I have an application with provide a JSON in S3 with some flash briefing content. If i go to Developer console and create skill manually and set that JSON , the flash briefing skill works normally in ALEXA device.

But I need to go to Developer console and manually create a flash briefing skill and associate the JSON to this. But what i want is automate this process. Anyone know if has any way to automate this process with Node ASK SDK?

I want to automate this process and send to Review process.

If anyone cal help me I'm grateful

Thanks Guys

skillflash briefingask clinode_jssdk v2
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thanks for your interest in Alexa skills development.

You can automate the flash briefing creation process by setting up the ASK-CLI, which supports all the commands you need.

How to setup the ASK-CLI:

After you get everything set up, follow these steps:

- Manually create your Flash Briefing skill and test it
- Launch the ask clone command and select your freshly made Flash Briefing skill:

- A new folder with the Skill name will be created, point your terminal in it with the cd command
- Delete the skill_id and eTag values from the .ask/config file
- Edit the name (name of your skill) and url (Feed URL) key values from the skill.json file
- Run the ask deploy command

You will now find a new skill into your developer portal. If you want to proceed with the skill submission, please check the "submit" command from the following reference:

Kind regards,

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Hi Gaetano!

Thx for the answer! I will gona try this!

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