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Slot values are not understood by Alexa

I have a slot named AddressType. Its purpose is to get whether the customer is selecting an office or home address. My speech prompt is "Where would you like us to meet you, office or home? " Now when the user says "Office" it's all good but when they say "home" Alexa is trying to invoke a built-in intent "AMAZON.NavigateHomeIntent". How can I handle this situation?

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Have you created a custom slot to capture your answers? A Slot Type like "AddressAnswers" with values "office" and "home" with each value having a bunch of synonyms like "work" and "job" for office and "house" and "my place" for home should help out a lot when constructing the utterances for your answer intent.

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I have added all of that as synonyms. I have left my utterances empty.

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