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Why does Amazon Echo ignore DHCP option 12 and also not respond to ICMP ECHO requests

The title of the post says it all. I'm trying to understand why the developers purposely did not implement ICMP ECHO request (ping) and also why the developers chose to ignore DHCP option 12 (hostname).

I had an issue today with speaker group not working. This would have been much easier to troubleshoot if these features were implemented.

Also, I have dual DHCP servers configured with failover. The DHCP server scopes also include a configuration option that prevents duplicate IP address assignments, in case the dual scopes become out of sync for any reason. This feature requires that devices respond to the ICMP ECHO requests, or it's possible their IP address could be given out by the DHCP server and cause a duplicate on my network.

So again, I'm just trying to understand why the developers Amazon Echo developers chose not to implement these important and very standard features.

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