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Inconsistency in the amazon IDs (amzn1.account.XYZ)

We are currently working on a relaunch of one of our services and part of this relaunch is a migration of amazon Users from our legacy system to the new system.

As it turned out there seems to be an inconsistency in the amazon ID.

Here is an example:

We ordered a subscription for our legacy service on a Fire TV device. In our customer database we see this Amazon ID: amzn1.account.AEFZ3CVODPKGSXJYEIBBY3LHOUNQ

When we look up the Amazon ID under „Your profile Info“ on we see this in the URL: amzn1.account.AGL6THJFQBF7MHBSIXFPB6QE5NFA

Unfortunately we have no idea how amazon IDs are being „generated“. We’ve read something about dependencies with the merchant ID (?) or the country, but we have no idea what this means or how we could solve the problem with the different IDs.

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