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How to handle no response from purchaseResponseEventHandler?

After 100s of tests using the AppTester with no problems we moved to live app testing. When we do an entitlement purchase we are not getting any response from the purchaseResponseEventHandler. (Errors and not completed still get responses.) When we exit and load the app we are able to verify the purchase went through but since the notifyFulfillment() call was never made we're not sure how that's going to impact our sales reporting. Since this appears to be the way it's going to be processed moving forward, how should we handle this in the app? Note: The app is for Fire TV and we only have 1 device, 1 user and since you can't cancel/reset purchases for live testing we're unable to repeat the test over and over. Thank you.

We are using the Adobe v2 Ane. Is this the correct addition to the manifest?

<receiver android:name="">
<action android:name=""

iaplive app testing
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