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FreeTime Unlimited App Monetization

FreeTime Unlimited is a true godsend for parents, and as a developer I'd like to contribute and make a few games, even if just for fun. However, it raised a question:

How are FreeTime apps/games monetized if there are no ads or in-app purchases? Is it something like the Amazon Underground "per-minute of usage" thing, or are they simply not able to be monetized at all? That seems counter intuitive given the sheer number of apps that are available, it seems there would be far fewer if the devs weren't getting paid.

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Thanks for posting in the forums! For more information about the FreeTime Unlimited program, please see

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I keep getting directed to the same information from every support person I speak to. I fully understand how things are curated, and the restrictions that apps face when trying to be submitted to FreeTime Unlimited. However, none of this information addresses how an app developer can monetize their FreeTime app?

I've made the suggestion that it could possibly be Amazon Underground (or something like it) where the app earns $$ related to the amount of time that a user/kid spends in the app. However, nobody confirms or denies this, and I keep getting fed the same exact copy/past/script that's in that link.

Any actual information or a contact of someone that can actually discuss this in a logical manner would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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I was also wondering the same thing. There doesn't seem to be much information about applications on Amazon Freetime (now Amazon Kids+) are monetized.

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