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How do I get additional, custom information from a user?

I have a skill that I'm developing where I need some additional information from a user. The base system does not have an 'account'. The user can sign up for alerts on a website and we only record their email/sms/voice contact information. I can use the email address and attempt to match it in the base system, but this won't necessarily work for obvious reasons. What is the recommended way to get additional information from a user? Is it possible to display a custom card in the app where they can set this custom field? Do I just add an intent to the app to gather this information and redirect them to it if they attempt to use it?

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What extra information do you need? Built in you can get: full name, address, phone number, email and some other info about the user if they provide permissions. Other than that it would depend what else do you need. It is not possible for users to fill out fields, they can only dictate something, but knowing that recognition is not very reliable there might be some problems with that.

If you have feature requests you can post them in user voice alexa website.

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Sorry for the late response. I missed your post somehow. The users of this skill can be a member of 1 of 20 companies. I need to know which company they are a member of to assign them to the correct notification group. I was hoping there would be a way to prompt them in the Alexa app when activating the skill for the information. Your response leads me to believe that the only way to get this information from them is to prompt them with voice responses when they attempt to use the notification piece. Would you agree with that?

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Yes, you are correct. You can only get set amount of data from acc linking and permissions. For other stuff you'll have to directly ask user to provide it by speaking to alexa.

20 companies is not so bad and Alexa should be able to recognise this amount of values without too much of the problem.

To make sure that the user said the right thing, you can enable intent or slot confirmation which should help user to pick the right company.

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