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Incorrect interpretation of COPPA requirements?

Have others run into issues where Amazon seems to incorrectly interpret what COPPA actually is during the certification process? Amazon's interpretation seems so overly broad that it's flagging skills like our company's (directed at pediatric healthcare professionals) as COPPA because a child may use it. While I understand they'd prefer to err on the side of caution, and it makes it easy for employees to quickly judge a skill... this overly aggressive interpretation is not in-line with what COPPA actually covers. It's also limiting the ability for monetization opportunities targeting pediatric healthcare professionals.

Does anyone have advice on how we can monetize a skill for pediatric healthcare (we're not doing any PHI or personal info, it's basic practice exercises)? If Amazon is going to continue misinterpreting COPPA, do they at least have a timeline where ISP's will be offered for "child directed skills"?


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