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Smart Home API CustomIntent/Change PowerController phrase

I have a question. I’m trying to create a “Smart Window Blinds” for three different windows I have. I have everything created including a regular Alexa skill and it took a while to get my Particle Photon, but I got a Smart Home skill working too.

I have three window blinds and the devices are called "Left Blinds", "Middle Blinds", "Right Blinds".

The smart home skill is working with a PowerControl. My question is the user needs to say “Turn On Middle Blinds” and I would like it to work with the phrase “Open Middle Blinds” or "Close Middle Blinds". Is there a way to have the PowerControl interface listen for phrases other than TurnOn/TurnOff? The only others I've seen that have Open/Close is for a Motion Sensor, but I cannot get that to work, plus the phrasing might not work either. I could work with "Raise and Lower", do you think a Brightness or VolumeControl could work. Keep in mind I'm very new at this and still very confused with the Smart Home API. I’ve seen there is a CustomIntent Interface too, but honestly I do not know how to get that to work…do I need to merge my smart home skill and regular Alexa skill to use that intent…?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

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