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Cross-device cards with Amazon Alexa

We are currently working on an Alexa skill that should send cards for certain intent responses. In particular, we would like to know whether Alexa supports some form of cross-device interaction or not, and if the following scenario is feasible:

  1. A user, which owns multiple Alexa-enabled devices (such as the echo dot), as well as a smartphone with the Alexa companion app, starts an interaction with the echo dot
  2. Alexa processes the user request and returns a proper intent response, along with a card
  3. The echo dot returns the corresponding voice response, without showing any card (since it does not have a screen); at the same time, the card is displayed on the the user's smartphone

We have already contacted the Amazon Alexa technical support for this issue, although without receiving a clear answer on the matter.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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I have the same issue!

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