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Problem handling "you got that wrong" utterances

I'm working on a skill to keep track of a game of darts. Since the skill needs to maintain the actual state of the game, I have a CorrectInput intent that lets user correct misunderstanding by Alexa (e.g., Alexa didn't accurately interpret how many points the user reported getting).

The problem is that Alexa seems to choke on the most basic utterances for this intent such as:

  • tell my dartboard you got that wrong

When I speak that into an Alexa device, it says "I'm not sure what went wrong." If I enter that text into the simulator, nothing happens and my skill never gets called (see screen shot below).

If I add more detail to the utterance, everything works as expected (again, see screen shot below). For example, the following utterance gets processed and passed to my skill:

  • tell my dartboard you got that wrong player two's name is sam

Has anyone else run into this? Can you think of workarounds other than training users to use a different (and unnatural) interaction model?

- Jon

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To make things worse, the problem appears to be intermittent:

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