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My marketing flash briefing is not showing up as a result in search - I have it in keywords? Is there a filter I don't know about?

Hello - I used to have my marketing flash briefing show up in searches on Amazon dot com main website. For the last 2 months - it does not come up in search. My Title is "Marketing Residency" and I am wondering if your AI bots see "Residency" and think it is not marketing? Do I need to fake out the bots? My keywords are all business related with marketing, social media, webiste, instagram and more - yet I am not showing up in results.

Now my traffic is good from this flash briefing, but I think Amazon is also caching our feeds so the true numbers never show from Amazon in the back end. Is this true?

I feel like there is a filter and I am being pushed out. I know other great marketing flash briefings that are not being displayed either. How do I get a top result in a search? I have a good rating - so I don't think that's it.

I am going to re-write my copy today and be more keyword and keyphrase specific to see if that helps things. I will review what copy the top ranking folks have and see if I am missing anything.

Any thoughts? Thanks everyone.... helpful group.

Jan Rossi "Marketing Residency" on Amazon Flash Briefings

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Hi KatieZ. I went to, searched for "Marketing Residency" and your Alexa skill was the top result.

If you're still running into trouble though, please feel free to let us know by filing a contact us case here:

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Well yes of course it will come up when you type in the exact name. The key is that not having the title to my particular flash briefing and knowing that I have specific keywords in the backend for it to show up 0 it still rarely gets shown. Luckily I have this feed going other places and my stats are good. I feel that Amazon is so manipulating that they have gummed up the results. I am being shown planners and usb devices instead of flash briefings. That is so on purpose. Oh well - time to tighten up my keywords and get it on more platforms! Thanks Kirk.

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