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Expo ejected app - ADM Error INVALID_SENDER - Unable to parse API Key

I eject my EXPO app and android folder have the following structure host.exp.exponent. At the AndroidManifest.xml I have two names of the package name.

The first is "host.exp.exponent" generates when app is ejected
The second is '' from build.gradle (based on the expo app.json)

I create the api_key for '' and implement to api_key.txt, but I'have an error - ADM Error INVALID_SENDER - Unable to parse API Key for package ''. Did you forget to embed it?

<!-- ADM -->
<amazon:enable-feature android:name="" android:required="false"/>
  <service android:name="host.exp.exponent.ADMMessageHandler" android:exported="false" />
  <receiver android:name="host.exp.exponent.ADMMessageHandler$Receiver"
      android:permission="" >
          <action android:name="" />
          <action android:name="" />
          <category android:name=""/>

amazon device messaging
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