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Alexa randomly apologizes - Annoying, Startling

If there's no way to shut this feature off then I am done with Alex, Echo Show, etc.

Alexa on my echo show startles me so bad in the middle of the night when it says "Sorry, someting went wrong" for something that she was doing or asked to do a long time ago, that I nearly jump out of my skin and heart is racing.

Either Alexa could not answer a question that I asked minutes earlier.

Or I had Alexa displaying live video from my camera.

The server won't display live video for more than 10 minutes or so.

At which point cuts the video feed from you camera.

This is probably what Echo Show is receiving and Alex always says "Something went wrong".

Amazon, I don't care if Alexa or the device messes/hangs up. Just don't have the Echo Show (set at volume) apologize for it out loud. Just print a message on the screen or send a message to my email or the app. Alexa has no sense of when to talk quietly or not at all.

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