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Feature Request: Alexa groups options

I would like the option in the Alexa app so when you make a group the echo device in that group can only control dimmers and switches that are in that group.

I have smart switches (Insteon) through my home. I have an echo dot in every room. Alexa can turn on/off all of my lights and ceiling fans. The Alexa app allows making groups but this function is lacking. Currently, if I say “Alexa turn on the ceiling fan.” She will tell me I have multiple devices named ceiling fan even though I only have one ceiling fan in that group/echo dot. So, Alexa is looking at all of my devices not just the devices in that group. So, I’m forced to name each ceiling fan uniquely. My daughter has to say “Alexa turn on the Suzy’s ceiling fan.” This is an ok workaround but it would be more natural to just say “Alexa turn on the fan” which would be possible if that echo dot would stop looking at switches outside of the group.

The app kinda works in the way for the dimmer light switches. I can say “Alexa turn on the light” and it will only turn on the dimmer light switch in that group. But, it doesn’t work for anything else. Another example is for homes will multiple bathrooms. If I say, “turn off the bathroom light” Alexa will say I have several devices named bathroom light even tho there is only one bathroom light in that particular group.

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I've noticed the same thing. Every room in my house has a ceiling fan, overhead light, lamp and echo device. I can group these into rooms, but it only seems to work with the lights. If I say "turn on the light" it turns on the light and the lamp in that room. If I say "turn on the fan" or "turn on the ceiling fan" it does not recognize there is a fan in that room and prompts me to be more specific. I also wish lights and lamps worked separately in a group. I would like to be able to say "alexa, turn on the light" and it turns on just the overhead light in that room, or "alexa, turn on the lamp", and it turns on the lamp(s) in that room"... Alexa doesn't seem to make any distinction between a lamp and a light unless I use the specific name of the device.

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Vladimir@Amazon answered

Hello, thanks for posting on the forum. You can submit a feature request through the Alexa app, by following the below instructions:

1. Open the Alexa Companion app.
2. Tap "Help & Feedback"
3. Tap "Send Feedback"
4. Fill out the form

Thank you!

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I noticed when I look at the group, there is a built-in category within the group called "Light", but no such built-in group called "Fan". I think this is where the Alexa app is lacking, they need a built-in "Fan" group. Agreed, it is annoying for my wife and kids to remember when they need to use explicit fully-qualified device names, like in the case of fans!

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