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There was an error parsing the feed. Please ensure that the feed is valid JSON or RSS.

Firstly, yes, I tried desperately to review prior posts on the topic and none have worked so far.

Things I've already done:

1. Confirmed that all the keys in the JSON objects match Flash Briefing API Reference.

2. Confirmed all keys listed as "required" in aforementioned are included

3. Ran my JSON through a delinter to ensure there were no simple syntax errors

4. Didn't do something silly like adding CONTENT/JSON at the top of my file

5. Waited 12 hours in case it was a weird caching issue.

6. Tried creating an entirely new skill and adding the JSON feed to it

7. Confirmed from within the S3 bucket that the file's content-type is in fact set to application/json

To clarify, this isn't the ONLY error I get. Occasionally I'll get an error that says a time/date stamp of (03/25/2015) is more than 7 days in the past. There is no mention of 2015 anywhere in my feed.json file that I'm pointing the flash briefing at, so no idea what THAT is about.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had any feedback on what on earth else I could have done wrong here?

One thing that may be relevant: the json is stored on S3. The S3 metadata says it's application/json, but when i try to validate it here I get application/octet-stream --- but I don't really know enough about the backend of http to know which is actually correct, I'm trying to put a little podcast feed together.

    "uid": "1549313013000",
    "updateDate": "2019-02-04T06:00:00.000Z",
    "titleText": "title1",
    "mainText": "",
    "streamUrl": "",
    "redirectionUrl": ""
}, {
    "uid": "1548710893000",
    "updateDate": "2019-01-28T06:00:00.000Z",
    "titleText": "Episode 3:",
    "mainText": "",
    "streamUrl": "https:/",
    "redirectionUrl": ""
}, {
    "uid": "1548097884000",
    "updateDate": "2019-01-21T06:00:00.000Z",
    "titleText": "Episode 2",
    "mainText": "",
    "streamUrl": "",
    "redirectionUrl": "http://foo-bar/ep2"
}, {
    "uid": "1547501548000",
    "updateDate": "2019-01-14T06:00:00.000Z",
    "titleText": "Episode 1",
    "mainText": "",
    "streamUrl": "",
    "redirectionUrl": ""

Confirmed with curl that it IS application/json

HTTP/2 200 
content-type: application/json
content-length: 1387
date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 04:37:21 GMT
last-modified: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 04:10:12 GMT
etag: "abce9d9179af2aefdfd932b1ab58c543"
content-encoding: utf-8
accept-ranges: bytes
server: AmazonS3
age: 417
x-cache: Hit from cloudfront
via: 1.1 (CloudFront)
x-amz-cf-id: 2IhfpdkIKcBYbjgc3PLe1l3momFywz9LPHvxrzK-XOp0lBrjzbMTgA==

So, what gives, Alexa Flash Briefing parser?

alexa skills kitflash briefing
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I have no idea why, but renaming feed.json to newfeed.json for a few days worked. I was then able to rename it back to feed.json and everything is fine now.

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