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Windows Computer to act as an Alexa Gadget (Toolkit in higher languages)


I'm looking for a native way to send commands to my Windows PC so I can control my PC via Echo Dot (I've seen a workaround using and Dropbox for sending commands via file but don't like it that much - there must be a better way).

After some research, I've found some sample C code for Alexa gadgets so I was wondering if there is anything available in higher languages (ie Python, Java, C#)?

I knew some C a while ago and I know I could include C in C#, but I'm a bit confused since I think sample code uses Bluetooth for connecting to Echo (in my case I guess I should better use the network computer is connected to) so I'm not sure how re-usable it even is.


Another way I found was using Belkin's WeMo protocol, but I feel that one is a bit limiting, so still wondering if there is a better way?

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Hi Tadej,

Thanks for posting. The Alexa Gadgets Toolkit allows you to build accessories that interact with compatible Amazon Echo devices over Bluetooth. Currently, we don't have a native way to control your Windows PC via Echo Dot, but that is an interesting idea! Please feel free to request it on our Alexa uservoice page here for future consideration:

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@Roy, thank for your reply (didn't get the notification so I only saw today).

I opened a new request here:

So Alexa doesn't use any queue in the background to which we could hook up? I think Belkin's WeMo protocol uses some sort of queue.

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Hi Tadej,

Thanks for opening up the uservoice request! Currently, there is no queue like you mentioned would you'd be able to control for these purposes.

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