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Control echo connected to whole house stereo via dots throughout the house

I currently have an echo hooked into my whole house stereo (always left on) via the audio out. I have speaker in my bedroom, living room, den, outside, and outside by hot tub. It works great. I have volume controls at each location so If im not outside generally I just click the volume to off. Generally all my in house speakers are always on a higher volume at the control and I just ask alexa to change her volume if I want it up or down. My only gripe is if im not near my echo I have to get near her to ask her to play music. I would love to just set a dot in several places around my home so I can be heard from anywhere I have speakers. I dont want music or alexas voice to play from the dots. I only want to use them as microphones to communicate with my echo that is connected to my whole house stereo. I also would like to set something in the app so I dont have to always say "play everywhere". I would love to be anywhere in my house or outside and just say "alexa play..." and have the closest dot communicate that to my echo.

Any thoughts?

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