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How to enable custom Video Skills API on Android based cable Set-Top-Box (STB).


I am working on an app for one of our clients (a TV network) to enable Video Skills on their Android-based cable Set-Top-Box (STB) product. Our requirement is that my Video Skill would responsible for detecting smart home devices, account linking and then for handling to launch a channel/play/pause/ other control directives from this Android-based STB product.

For this, I have developed a custom Video skill API with account linking and created a Lambda function. Now, I would like to enable, connect and test my developed video skill on this STB product. Could anyone please provide me the procedure to test my Video skill this Android STB.


alexa voice servicesmart homevideo skill api
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Hi Jamie@Amazon,

Can you please suggest/assist me in how to proceed with this ?

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Jamie Grossman avatar image Jamie Grossman ♦♦ newuser-89f2a5b8-f4fa-46ef-b110-471be3085e38 commented ·


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Hi Jamie@Amazon,

Thank you for your response. Do you have any suggestion on this.

Please do needful.Thank you.

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