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Alexa and Quicksight

Hi there! I would like to know how to call stadistics from Quicksight using AVS, (Amazon Voice Services) for example, in a meeting, "Alexa, show me the earings of the month" so then alexa would show in a display the earings of the month. Does anybody know where is a tutorial about it? or what do i need for do it? thanks so much!.

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Hi UrielDM. To start off I wanted to clarify some terminology. You would use Alexa Voice Services when you have a hardware device, like a Raspberry Pi, that you want to turn into an Alexa enabled device.

However, it sounds like what you're really looking to do is create your own Alexa skill that can be enabled and through which you could ask for QuickSight data. You would create a skill with Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). For more information about ASK, please see the getting started documentation here:

That having all been said, when you create an Alexa skill, it can interact with any restful API or your own AWS services. QuickSight does provide APIs though which you can interact with the service. However, those APIs appear to allow you to embed data into a web-page or control user access:

If what you're trying to achieve is to store data that your Alexa skill can access in between sessions, then the best AWS service to achieve this would be DynamoDB. For more information about DynamoDB, please see the documentation here:

We even provide support for DynamoDB through the ASK SDK:

Node.js ASK SDK:
Python ASK SDK:

If you're new to skill development though, I might recommend walking through some of our tutorials to familiarize yourself with the skill building process:

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Although your answer seems to cover every aspect of the question, I think the question itself was about creating a skill that would allow to display quicksight dashboards on say an echoshow or a firetv. More like the way you ask a firetv for the amazon stock and it displays what appears to be a quicksight dashboard with the stock info.

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With the last post on this question being written about two years ago, might anyone have any updates on any newer methods to link QuickSight and Alexa?
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