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Broken Text fontSize in APL?

If I set fontSize in my Text object in APL, alexa is giving "there was a problem with requested skills response". The same APL template works fine without any warning or errors in the skill display json editor. Please help.

  "type": "Container",
  "items": [
      "type": "Text",
      "text": "${data.title}",
      "fontSize": "30dp"

And in the session ended request I'm not getting any details -

    "error": {
        "message":"An exception occurred while dispatching the request to the skill."
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The error indicates, that the problem is not with the response, but the problem is in the code. It seems that it throws exception that is not handled there and skill crashes because of that. Try checking your cloudwatch logs to see what error was thrown.

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Thanks. The response was sent correctly without any exceptions from the skill.

I did find the problem now. Looks like the response was more than 24kb response size limit. Unfortunately, Alexa didn't give enough information in the SessionEnded request to tell about that.

Also, with APL code as part of the responses, I think they should consider increasing this limit as some of my templates are getting bigger. For now, I trimmed them, and it worked fine.

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