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APL Python basic AutoPageCommand issues


I'm using Python 3.7 and the ASK SDK for Python and launching a basic 2 page APL document which via my Alexa device and the developer console fail with the below error:

'touch': [{'SINGLE': 'SINGLE'}]}},'request': {'error': {'message': 'An exception occurred while dispatching the ''request to the skill.','object_type': 'INVALID_RESPONSE'},'locale': 'en-GB','object_type': 'SessionEndedRequest','reason': 'ERROR', , the odd thing is is that the same Launch intent works in my Lambda test harness and in the Alexa Developer Console 'Manual JSON' input...Anyone had a similar issue or even got APL working with Python?

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We have a python APL example over here. Have you had any success trying to deploy it?

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