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Certification of skill for online tokens rejected due to access to financial personal information

Hi all,

I recently submitted an Alexa skill which allows users to send gratitude via online tokens. It is limited to small amounts only and does not access any personal information. The online tokens are connected to a user via twitter - so I implemented an account linking mechanism with twitter as 3rd party login. There is no personal information stored with the account or with the online tokens. And the amounts which are accessible are just very small.

Nevertheless my skill got rejected with the follwoing reason:

"Unfortunately, your skill has not been published on Amazon Alexa.

While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling selection of skills on the Alexa platform, at this time, with a few very limited exceptions, we are not permitting skills that access personal financial information. We are continuing to add more capabilities to Alexa and we will contact you when additional features and support are available."

I don`t see any personal financial information here since I am not connecting to a bank account, credit card or anything else. There are even Google and Apple Apps available, allowing the user to send gratitute with these online tokens. At first, Apple rejected the app as well but after explaining them what it is, they allowed it in their App store and it`s available since then.

So is there any way I can explain what my skill does to the people which do the certification process?

The skill would have a big community behind and many people would look forward to use it and send gratitude with the online tokens.
Any help appreciated.



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Hello Daniel,

As this issue is specific to your account, please file a contact us here where we will be able to assist further.


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