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Account linking setup


The tutorial I mentioned lacks one important step.

If you have no OAuth service brought up and you assuming use the Login with Amazon, then go to

developer console --> Login with Amazon and enable the security profile you already created by walking the tutorial.

Also please note tha redirection URL should look like

Many thanks to RocasV from (

He helped me a lot resolving my problem and explained the important things.

Without you mate, I could spend much longer time fighting alone !



Hey guys !
I'm trying to create a solution with Amazon Alexa and AWS IoT.
Lambda to AWS IoT part is ready, but I can't setup account linking in Amazon Alexa.
This is a real showstopper for now, so any help would be appreciated.

Things I did:
1. Set up and tested Lambda function that kicks AWS IoT.
2. Set up a smart home skill using that tutorial
Got filled all required forms with Client ID and secret, used LWA as OAuth2 provider, set up allowed return URLs in a security profile.
4. In --> Skills --> Your Skills, I see "account linking required" under blue "Enable" button. On click on that button, server returns the following:
Linking unsuccessful.
The authorization server returned with an error parameter. Please refer to for more details.

What did I have missed ?

Thanks !

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It sounds to me that you missed something in the tutorial, I had similar problem, when I forgot to add redirect url to security profile. Especially step 2, figure 7-8.

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Rokas, thanks for reply.

Is that tutorial works for you ?

I'll walk again and look twice.

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Yep, every time I forget how to do it, I use it as a reference. You use amazon account linking right? Here are some more pictures that might help. So this is account linking page in the skill:

This is the security page in the account settings -> Login with amazon -> Web settings:

One of the most important bigs is to add allowed return url from account linking page redirect urls, to security profile as seen here

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