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Sharvin Shah asked

AddOrUpdateReport is it a event or Directive in Smart Home Skill ?

I am referring the Amazon's Alexa Documentation AddOrUpdateReport.

I couldn't Understand if this report should be added to the discovery part as its namespace contains Alexa.discovery.

Also, I am confused about the directive from the Alexa in that case. I couldn't find a relevant request from the Alexa.

If anyone could help me with AddOrUpdateReport basics and how it should work and implemented. Thank you.

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1 Answer

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Anand@Amazon answered

Hello Sharvin,

AddOrUpdateReport or DeleteReport are the events which is part of Alexa.Discovery interface that's why all directives have same namespace but name will change according to different directive.

AddOrUpdateReport or DeleteReport are similar to a discovery response but these messages are sent to Alexa event gateway and these message won't return Discovery.Response to list out all device endpoint.

You need to send this message proactively to Alexa event gateway to update the device list.These messages needs to be added in your backend code to send it to event gateway.

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Edward Pang avatar image Edward Pang commented ·

Hi Anand and skill experts,

I had a smart home skill works with traditional discovery usage flow.

1) I'm confusing about proactive managed endpoints.

Should "proactive managed endpoints" be handled in my original Smart Home Skill lambda_handler?

If yes, why lambda code could be triggered with token? How can "add device" user action, trigger this "proactive" logic?

If no, I can create aother software, which handle the "add" / "delete" device process. Then where is the Alexa user token?

2) Is "proactive manage endpoint" mandatory for "Work with Alexa" certification?


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Anand@Amazon avatar image Anand@Amazon ♦ Edward Pang commented ·

Hello @Edward Pang

Sorry for late response !!

Yes, proactive endpoint should be managed by your lambda handler.

You send an AddOrUpdateReport event proactively when a user adds a new endpoint to their account, or makes changes to an existing endpoint, such as renaming a scene. Send your AddOrUpdateReport message to the Alexa event gateway. You can include all the endpoints associated with the user account, or only the new or updated endpoints.

You can use access token which you will get when user performed account linking.

Yes, proactive endpoint management is necessary requirement to get work with Alexa certification.

Check this link to know more about work with alexa guidelines.

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