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Skill Test Automation


i am working on Skill test automation and i have three solutions, through -

Automation using ASK-CLI

Automation using Amazon Developer Console using Java, Selenium Framework

Automation using SMAPI

Per my understanding, SMAPI is a middle-layer webservice that connects to Alexa Skill with Developer Console and ASK-CLI. Developer Console is a device simulator.

To my point of view if I do Skill testing using SMAPI then it will be kind of middle layer testing, where as if I do testing from Developer Console then it will be of End to End testing as this is a device simulator.

Could you please let me know which automation approach is the "Best Automation approach" to do Skill testing? And why?

It would be great if I can get AMAZON SME view point so that I can implement the best approach in my project.


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Amazon_Bernardo Bezerra answered

Hello @NewUser-66d38724-f094-48ad-a840-c1d12d976674 and thank you for your message.

SMAPI stands for Skill Management API. It allows you to programmatically manage and test Alexa skills and related resources such as interaction models. You can find more information about it here.

ASK CLI can be described as the command line implementation of SMAPI, as the Alexa Developer Portal is a GUI implementation of it.

Both implementations enable you to test your skill end to end, as they both connect to the Alexa service to send the requests and collects the responses.

Selenium Framework is a third party tool to which we offer no support here.

If you are interested in automating skill testing, you should take a look at this doc, which provides some resources to do so.


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