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Could the Goodreads Deals features be included in the Kindle Daily Deals?

goodreads-deals-sample.pngAs of October 1st, the Goodreads Deals daily email service I had been enjoying for some months has been integrated into Kindle Daily Deals. Instead of an improvement, I found it a huge disappointment.

What made Goodreads deals interesting and worth receiving the corresponding emails was that it provided Goodreads information (ratings, genre, whether it was on your 'want to read' shelf, etc.) about the books that were on sale (in addition to the link of the corresponding Goodreads page and Kindle store. As a result I bought nearly 25 Kindle e-books on Amazon within the last few months.

Without that information, the email I am receiving now (even if it includes a wider selection of titles) is completely useless, since I do not have the time to check whether the books offered are worth buying or not. And it is highly unlikely that I would get an offer of a book that I already know I want to read and I do not yet have, so there is no point in wasting my time checking the email.

Unless a change is made to provide Goodreads information in a similar way as it was done before, I would have no interest in continue receiving the daily deals email. While I would also be very disappointed for losing a very useful tool for discovering, buying and reading great books I was not previously familiar with.

In case it helps as reference if you were not familiar with it, I attach a picture sample of a Goodreads Deals email.


P.S.: The ratings that I would like to be shown are those of Goodreads, not Amazon. Or perhaps both if preferred.

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