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Design Rejections

I've now submitted a design three times but keep getting sent back rejections due to brand name. I'm using a brand name that does not exist, a fact which I verified long before attempting Merch by Amazon services, and now several times using the resources provided to validate, both before and after submission. All I keep getting is the same answer over and over, to provide documentation that I own the rights to the [insert brand name] brand. I provided proof that the brand name does not exist, yet Amazon rejected my claim citing not enough evidence and to provide proof that I can use the brand. I've tried changing the name up (validating each time, of course), changing/removing keywords, changing/removing descriptions, but nothing seems to make it past the so-called sensors.

Am I missing something here? I have friends who use this platform (hence why I'm here and not some other merch site) who simply typed in a random name and got approved. But it feels like Amazon wants me to go out and start up a full-blown company just to get my design on a t-shirt. And each time I send in a reply, I get the exact same default copy/paste scripted email from the first and second tier representatives.

I've only been a Merch by Amazon participant for the past two months with zero design submissions at this point, and am starting to get the impression that Amazon simply doesn't want to approve my design regardless of what I do. Any tips, or advice?

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lawrence westfall answered

Without knowing the name of the brand, we can't help. My guess is that it is already trademarked

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