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Having problem with Amazon subscription

Hi all,

I'm working on a Fire TV project which supports In App Subscription feature.

I implemented this feature and it worked properly with Amazon tester app but it doesn't work for me with Live App Testing.

I created IAP Subscription package with the same sku i used in amazon.tester.json and it was live.

Here are some log i found when running Live App Testing:

 09-27 10:23:21.043 3371-12676/? I/AmazonAppstore.IAP/EntitlementManagerImpl: Syncing entitlements from 1.
09-27 10:23:21.726 3371-12676/? E/AmazonAppstore.SimpleObfuscator: Error preparing data. 8e5760e7
09-27 10:23:21.726 3371-12676/? I/AmazonAppstore.IAP/SubscriptionsManagerImpl: Syncing subscriptions.
09-27 10:23:23.952 3371-12676/? E/AmazonAppstore.ProductResponseHelper: Error converting FreeTrialDuration. Set it to 'unknown'
09-27 10:23:23.975 3371-12676/? I/AmazonAppstore.IAP/IapServiceWorker: Finished
09-27 10:23:30.640 3371-3371/? I/AmazonAppstore.AccountSummaryProviderImpl: isAccountPrepared(null) - using H:af440d8ba52ddeb50f0ca174ea606223
    isAccountPrepared() - using H:af440d8ba52ddeb50f0ca174ea606223, returning true

Anyone here has experience with this kind of problem. Please help me.


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are you able to resolve this issue? I am facing the same issue and stuck sincle last 3 days. Kindly help.

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same issue, any luck?

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